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  • Tai Ryan

We've Joined the Share Waste Community

I get it - food scraps aren't the most glamorous of topics, but keeping them out of landfill is so important to help reduce greenhouse gases. So much so, it's the third most effective way to address our climate issues (Project Drawdown).

The Sustainable Occasion has officially joined the Share Waste community, which means that. as well as the scraps collected from the compost buckets included in each of our party kit hires, other local households can also have access to my home compost bin for their own kitchen scraps!

Share Waste was started by Eli and Tomas in the Sydney suburb of Newtown and has become an international grassroots volunteer-run initiative. Their aim is to encourage people to see their organic waste as a valuable resource and help them turn their waste into new soil and fertiliser by connecting them with other community members via their free app.

Check out the Share Waste website or social channels and their map to see what's going on in your own area. And if you're already composting or have the space to do so, why not consider also joining?

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