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We're a Member of the Party Kit Network

The Sustainable Occasion is proud to be a member of the Party Kit Network.

Founded by Isabel Mack in the UK in June 2019, The Party Kit Network is passionate about helping to make parties more sustainable. Members in the Network help to ​prevent tonnes of plastic and paper partyware entering the environment by supplying party organisers with an alternative, while raising awareness that reusables can be easier, cheaper and a lot more fun.

A non-profit community group, the Network has grown rapidly across the UK and Australia in a very short period of time. Melbourne-based zero-waste living author, Erin Rhoads from The Rogue Ginger, is also proud partner.

As well as helping to make parties a little greener, hiring a party kit is often cheaper than buying the equivalent disposable equipment. In other parts of life, many low-waste sustainable alternatives are currently more expensive or require an upfront investment, but party kit hire is really accessible and can actually save people money.

The mission of the Party Kit Network is very simple - we want to make it easy for people to avoid unnecessary waste at parties. This can be done by making reusables the norm at parties.

Here at The Sustainable Occasion, we offer a range of party kits for hire which include all the basics you need for your event. Kits also include cleaning and waste removal services. Visit our Kits page for all the details.

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