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The Sustainable Occasion Paperback Now Available

The Sustainable Occasion paperback has finally arrived in our office and is available for purchase via our online shop.

Without thought to the waste our events create, the Earth can feel the effects long after the last guest has departed. This is your 50+ page guide to help you plan your event in an eco-ethical and purposeful way and is suitable for planners of all types, including newly engaged couples organising a wedding, parents planning their kids' parties, personal assistants, office managers and marketers, school groups and sporting communities and even event professionals.

It includes practical tips and tricks for the event planning process, budgets, venue and supplier selection, waste removal, gifts and so much more. Not just a 'how-to', it's also designed to be a conversation starter and a plea for the events industry to do things differently and to do it better, so we can all learn to celebrate like we love the Earth.

Whilst the e-book version has been available for a while, the paperback has taken a little longer, while we searched for the most economical (and environmentally friendly) options for printing.

The Guide is printed small batch here in Australia, with FSC-certified paper and vegetable-based inks, and we use compostable parcel packaging from Hero Packaging to get them to your door.

Order yours online via the TSO online shop here.

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