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Sustainable Floristry

I love to elevate events with the captivating magic of florals. Whether it's a grand entrance display, stunning table centerpieces, or vibrant greenery gracing the stage – flowers effortlessly bring the beauty of nature indoors. Yet, amidst the splendor of modern floristry, its practices often lean towards the unsustainable, posing a threat to our environment. These practices include:

  • Excessive packaging and single-use plastic trims, wraps and decorations (don’t get me started on those little balloons on sticks!)

  • Large internationally-based growing centres that use unsustainable farming methods, then transport flowers around the world in refrigerated ‘cold chain’ transport systems.

  • Pesticide use and fumigation and devitalisation processes of imported flowers to prevent the spread of disease and regrowth.

  • Unethical working conditions for staff in the supply chain, especially international growers.

The Sustainable Floristry Network is working with academic and industry experts internationally to develop sustainable design and business principles to improve the way the floral industry operates.

When you’re planning for the inclusion of florals at your next event, consider the following:

  • Speak to your florist about eco-friendly options or seek out a florist who specialises in sustainable design

  • Choose locally grown, native and in-season flowers

  • Hire greenery and plants that can be reused

  • Use paper-based, compostable, biodegradable or upcycled wrapping

  • Say no to florist foam and wiring

  • Hire or borrow vases that can be reused or repurposed

  • Gift your arrangements to guests at the end of your event or donate to local charities, shelters, hospitals or community groups to extend their life

A few of my favourite sustainable floral suppliers include The Fresh Flower Project, Pop Up Gardens, and Florada (certified B-Corp) in NSW, and Glasshaus, Bituin and Vasette in VIC. (I have no affiliation with any of these companies).


Planning an event? Get in touch with our experts at TSO to remove the stress from your event planning experience.

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