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Choosing the good chocolate at Easter

The chocolatey-goodness of Easter is only a bunny-hop away, and whilst researching sustainable chocolate options, I came across the 5th edition of the Chocolate Scorecard

Coordinated by Be Slavery Free in partnership with a bunch of Australian universities, and capturing 95% of the global chocolate industry, it's a fantastic resource that outlines not only why you should care about where your chocolate comes from, but ranks brands on key sustainability issues such as transparency, child labour, deforestation, and living income. 

As a guide:

  • Look for chocolate goodies certified by Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Cocoa Horizons. 

  • Choose low/no plastic, recyclable or compostable packaging.  Bundle that foil in a huge ball so it has a better chance of being recycled properly.

  • Organic, vegan, and dairy-free chocolate options are also good picks.

If you don't fancy a deep dive into the Scorecard, producer Tony's Chocolonely tops the rankings at #1. Nestle is 8th, whilst retailer Kmart/Target sits at the bottom of the list. also had a great article highlighting brands with ethical and certified lines.

"A better chocolate is better for people and the planet! It's free of child labor, provides a living income for cocoa farmers, empowers women, and cares for the environment."

Happy Easter!

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