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7 Ways to a Plastic Free July

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

The start of this month also marks Plastic Free July, a global movement tackling the way we think about and use plastic. If you've been playing along at home, you'll have worked out by now that of all the climate issues that humanity faces, plastic is one I'm fighting hard to combat.

So, here are 7 ways to make your next celebration a little more plastic-free and a less impactful on the environment:

  1. Swap single-use items for reusable ones, such as cutlery, plates, cups, and straws. A TSO Party Kit is perfect for this! If you have to get disposable, choose ones made from a compostable or biodegradable product such as cardboard or cornstarch and dispose of them correctly.

  2. Skip plastic decorations and instead opt for biodegradable/recyclable items. Think florals and greenery, fabric or paper bunting or lanterns, repurposed photo frames, or hired backdrops and signs. (Please still say no to balloons, no matter what they tell you about 'better' materials as they play havoc on the environment in all their forms!)

  3. Offer homemade drinks served in jugs, such as punch or fizzy drinks made with a Sodastream. If providing individual drinks, opt for ones served in glass bottles or aluminum cans instead of plastic.

  4. In party favours, swap plastic toys and individually wrapped lollies for seeds or miniature succulents, paper or wooden toys, or offer a lolly buffet and ask guests to BYO containers.

  5. Source plastic-free food or ingredients such as fresh food and items from a greengrocer or bulk food store or ask your caterer if they supply reusable containers or allow you to provide your own.

  6. Recycle any plastic waste you do have correctly. Soft plastics (like chip packets) cannot go in curbside recycling and with the collapse of REDcycle, unfortunately have to go to landfill. Usually, only plastics marked with the numbers 1, 2, and 5 are recyclable. Check Planet Ark's Recycling Near You or your local council's website to be sure. Remember, most PVC and polystyrene also cannot be recycled.

  7. Tell guests of your intentions to be more eco-friendly and ask them to get on board with you through mindful present-giving and wrapping.

Let's make Plastic Free July a celebration of sustainable choices. Together we can party with purpose and inspire others to embrace eco-friendly practices. If you have any of your own tips or want to chat further on the topic, please get in touch via email or socials!

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