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Do You Know Your Bins?

Over the past few weeks, my social feeds have been full of some awesome low and zero-waste Christmas ideas. I've seen everything from local and sustainable menus, wrapping paper alternatives and environmentally-friendly gift options! But despite our best efforts, there's no denying we're all still probably going to have some waste that needs disposing.

So, do you know what goes in what bin? Each local council's collection rules will be different, but the basics for each bin are as follows:

RED LID - General waste, soft plastics, nappies, food scraps. No hazardous waste.

YELLOW LID - Paper and cardboard, aluminium and aerosol cans, unbroken glass, rigid plastics. Rinse containers before disposal. No soft plastics (that means bags!), polystyrene, paper towels, electronics or food.

GREEN LID - Grass clippings, leaves, branches, prunings, flowers. No soil or food (although some councils do allow scraps so check first).

Placing items in the wrong bins in the hope it can be recycled can actually contaminate entire loads of waste or break machinery, so be sure to dispose of everything correctly. If you're unsure, the Clean Up Australia is a great resource, or put it in the red lidded bin.

Most major retailers and supermarkets offer old phone and battery collection bins.

Big W collects old toys, while Officeworks also recycle old pens and markers, ink cartridges and data storage. Upparel takes your old clothes, and Rebel Sport accepts sports shoes and equipment. Share Waste connects you to people in your area with composting facilities.

Be sure to check directly with stores for locations and all collection requirements.

If you're hosting Christmas events this season, you might find it helpful to set up specific bins or tubs for your guests to separate and dispose of their waste before it goes into your big bins.

If you're still feeling a little confused, or find the recycling disposal process a little too time consuming (especially at this time of year), book in Recycle Smart to pick it all up directly from your house!

*Image from Cockburn Council, WA.

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