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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Event More Sustainable

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Mindful. Green. Eco-ethical. Sustainable. Ethical. Fair Trade. Clean.

All these words can be a little confusing, right? But ultimately, creating your event with a gentler footprint simply comes down to making decisions that do not harm the environment and positively affect the community and, of course, you and your guests.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your event more sustainable:

1. Go Plastic Free

Ditch the plastic straws, cutlery, bags and balloons (they'll mostly be banned in Australia from November 2022 anyway). If you really want to use disposable items, opt for paper products or those made from a plant-based substance that can be recycled or composted. TSO's party kits provide reusable crockery, cutlery, serving ware and games, and are hygienically maintained to Food Safety standards.

2. Select an In-Season and Plant-Based Menu

Using in-season and plant-based means minimal long-distance transportation and refrigeration, fresher, tastier food for you and your guests, and a gentler impact on the Earth. If you're a meat eater (like myself), by all means still serve it, however look to reduce the amount served and purchase from ethical suppliers. Include dietary-specific meals (gluten and nut free, vegan etc) as part of your menu to help reduce food waste.

3. Choose Local Suppliers

Supporting small, local businesses helps the local economy and again, minimises long-distance transportation impacts. Perhaps you know friends and family with suitable businesses you can support?

4. Hire or Borrow Decorations, Don't Buy

Unless kept and reused for another time or purpose, most event decorations end up in landfill. Hire or borrow what you need instead. If buying, consider what you'll do with the items afterward - can it be donated to a local charity or organisation? Hospitals and care facilities usually accept floral donations.

5. Separate Waste for Recycling and Composting

Create a waste station with bins for compostable items, soft plastics, paper and cardboard, and other recyclable materials such as glass and cans. If you don't have your own compost, check out your local council's community gardens or find a compost near you via Share Waste. Each TSO kit comes with a compost bucket and soft plastics collection bag (and free disposal services) to help your clean-up!

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